Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ciao Sauro

Sauro Brunicardi has died, a dear friend,a colleague,a great if not the first of the restaurants of Lucca.
He was a true lover of the cooking,of the good taste,a gentleman who made you feel at ease in every situation.
He loved Lucca and his land,he lived with passion and affection.
Together with him,disappears one of the historic founders of the Lucca cooking and enogastrony linked to toursim.
So many years people have come miles from abroad and from Italy to taste the dishes of  "La Mora".
With his work and passion he brought his little trattoria to become one of the italian enogastronomy's cult.
We will miss his smile,his humor,his courtesy,his.."Mora"....
Goodbye Sauro......i would like to remember you like always,smiling and corteous,welcoming friends and clients.
You will always  be in our hearts,like always happens with Real Friends.
  • In this photo,at the Oslo embassy in 2005,i would like to remember him,along with his joy and lightheartedness.

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