Monday, December 21, 2009

Roselline Romagnole

This is a very cheerful dish to make,and you can change the stuffing to your choice,for example you can just add "fontina" cheese and vegetables to make a vegetarian dish that sometimes might be handy.
You can also prepare them the day before you are planning to serve them,and just put some plastic wrap on it and keep in the fridge.
Also,if you want,you can serve them in individuals terrine to make them looks even more cute.

Ingredients :
6 Thin Slices of Mortadella
6 Thin Slices of Ham Steak
6 Thin Slices of Fontina Cheese
3 Eggs of Pasta (300gr. of flower and 3 Eggs)

For the bechamelle sauce:

either 500gr of milk or half milk and half cream
20gr. Butter
20gr. Flour
1 spoon of tomato pureé

Make some sheets of pastry high about 12cm. that you will cut at about 40cm. of lenght.
Boil them in a pan full of hot salted water for about 1 minute,not more than 3 at the same time,then pass them in a bowl full of cold salted water and lay them on a dishcloth to dry out.
Prepare the sauce : Melt the butter and add the tomato pureé,stir well and put away from the fire. Add the sift flour and let it amalgamate completely,then add salt and pepper and put it back on the fire.
Let it cook about 1 minute then put it away from the fire again and add all the hot milk at the same time and with a whisk,beat and stir the bechamelle until it's well mixed,then go back to the fire and let it boil again,then turn off.
Season the dough sheets with the parmesan cheese and put on each one of them a slice of ham and one of mortadella,keeping the two of them a bit distant.
Roll up the Fontina cheese on the lenght side and dispose them on the top,parallel to the short side.
Season again with parmesan and,starting from the short side where you put the cheese,roll up all,making sure to not roll it too tight.
Once all rolls are ready,cut them widthways in 3 pieces.
Cover the bottom of a oven-proof dish with a part of the sauce,put the rolls on it,straight,each one a bit far from the other one.
Open them up a bit and pour the remaining sauce in the center,season with grated parmesan cheese and cook au gratin in the oven for 15 minutes at 180°.
If they get too red at the end of the cooking,cover them with a sheet of tinfoil.

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