Monday, December 14, 2009

Panettone Milanese "First Day"

Let's start !

Some advices :

I would suggest you to provide yourself of a kneading machine,as the dough will be very hard to knead and you will save a lot of hard work ! ( could ask your male friends or husbands to join you and put them at work ;-D)

If you can find some Manitoba flour you can add that to the 00 strong flour (proportionally 30% of total weight i.e. 700gr. of regular flour and 300gr. of Manitoba flour)

When you pull out the moulds from the oven,let them chill upside down,and when they are cooled,put them inside plastic bags for aliments.


First Step 5.00pm :

50gr. of natural yeast
100gr. of 00 Strong Flour
50gr. of lukewarm water

Mix and work the dough for 10 minutes,form a ball,then do two cross-incisions on it and put into a bowl,cover and keep in a warm place for three hours,then another hour at room-temperature.

Second Step 9.00 pm :

100gr. from the first step
100gr. of 00 strong flour
50 gr. of lukewarm water

Knead well for 10 minutes,form a short and dumpy breadstick,wrap it into a very tough cloth,seal firmly the two ends and tie it up like a salame.
Put it into a pan that will press it a bit then cover it with the lid and let it rest for 8-10 hours,in the end the mix will become very very hard and it's very probable that the yest will have broken the cloth,or tried to exit by dabbling out the woof of the cloth itself.
The day after,pick up just a bit of the soft part - to use next - because a large part of the mix have dried up on the cloth

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