Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Panettone Milanese "Second Day"

Day 2

First step 7.00 am :

50g of natural yeast
100g of 00 strong flour
50gr. of lukewarm water

Again like day 1,Knead well for 10 minutes,form a ball and do two cross-incisions on it,then put it to rest  in a warm place for three hours,then another hour at room-temperature.
Second step 11.00 am :

100g from the first step
100g of 00 strong flour
50g of lukewarm water

Repeat the same procedure used for the first step.

Third step  3.00 pm :

100g from the second step
100g of 00 strong flour
50g of lukewarm water

Repat again the same procedure.

and finally the yeast is ready  !

First Dough 7.00 pm

550g of 00 strong flour
130g of sugar
140g of soft butter
250g of lukewarm water
225g of yeast from the third step.
6 yolks

Put the yolks the water and whisk very fast.
In a bowl,mix the flour,the sugar,the water with the yolks,then add the yeast and knead for 15 minutes,then add the butter and beat well for 8-10 minutes.
Butter a basin and pour the mixture in it,cover and keep in a warm place for two hours,then leave it at room-temperature for ten to twelve hours.
The size of the dough should increase (3-4 times bigger).

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