Thursday, December 17, 2009

Panettone Milanese "Third and last day"

Third and last day. h. 8/9 am

Second Dough:

270g of 00 strong flour
140g of soft butter (soft,not melted)
80g of lukewarm water
25g of powdered milk
50g of sugar
350g of currants
125g of candied orange,in squares
125g of candied cider,in squares
10g of salt
10g of honey
10g of malt
6 eggs yolks
1 vanilla bean,lenght cut,removing the little seeds with the blade of a little knife.
3 paper molds for "panettone" of 750g each.

Pour into a bowl : water,milk powder,sugar,yolks,honey,malt,salt and vanilla seeds.
Mix well until all the ingredients are merged,then add the flour,kneading.
The dough will result very solid,but do not add water,add instead the First Dough made the previous day and knead all together for a long time until it's well-blended,then add the butter little by little,always kneading until it's all absorbed.
Add the currants and the candied fruit and keep mixing.
Butter a large tray and pour the dough on it,then split it in three pieces of about 800gr. each (to be sure,weigh it)
With both your hands with butter,form three balls,cover them and put to rise in a warm place for 20 minutes.
After the time has passed,take the tray back and again with your hands with butter,pick them up and put inside the paper molds.
Let them rise (uncovered) in a warm place for 3-4 hours or more,until the dough has reached the edge of the mold.
Put each one to rise on a separate baking tray,because the molds are very fragile and if you would need to move them you will risk,with the movement,to interrupt the rising process.
Once the dough has reached the edge of the paper mold,carve very gently ONLY the little skin who will have formed with 2 cross-incisions and slightly lift the four flaps who will have formed in the center.
Cook in the oven at 350f for 25-30 minutes.
Before taking them out of the oven,try the cooking with a long toothpick.
Once you take it out,immediately turn it upside down to let it chill.

Note : Since in your home-made panettone there are no preservatives to let it last long,if you're planning to eat it for christmas,i would reccomend you,once you put them in a bag,to keep them in the freezer,and take it out some hours before the day you're planning to eat.

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