Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spaghetti alla Trabaccolara @ Fabiana Home

My girlfriend Fabiana prepare for Sunday lunch a typical dish of Viareggio.
Viareggio is a city in northern Tuscany in Italy on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. With over 63,000 people it is the main centre of the northern Tuscan Riviera known as Versilia, and the second largest city in the Province of Lucca.
Viareggio is famous for the "Passeggiata",a promenade,and for the oldest Carnival in Europe,the "Carnevale di Viareggio". (Wikipedia)

"Trabaccolara" it is a dish of the tradition viareggina.
It owes his/her name to the lugger, a boat used by the fishermen of St. Benedict of the Tronto, some of which were transferred to Viareggio among the beginning of the years '20 and the end of the years'30.
It is born as poor dish, because realized by the fishermen sanbenedettesi with fishes of backdrop that, to the market of the I bring, they stayed unsold (the gallinella, the scorfano, the tracines, etc.). To these qualities of ingredients of base, someone loves to also add shellfishes and molluscs, that make the richest dish, but they estranges him/it from the native recipe.

Recipe of the Trabaccolara (Ingredients for 4 people):

-320 Gr. of spaghetti
-800 Gr. of fresh mixed fish to fillets (gallinelle, scorfani, tracine, mullets, hakes, gattucci, etc.)
-1 onion
-1 Glass of white (there is also who loves "to dye her/it" with the red wine) wine
-4 fresh Tomatoes
-Oil Extravergine of Olive

Separating the fillets from the head and from the lisps, discards with which a buonissimo comic strip of fish can be prepared, that will subsequently be used.
In a frying pan, to prepare a soffritto with a minced of parsley, garlic, onion, peperoncino, oil. To cut to dadini the mature tomatoes, to skin them, to deprive them some seeds and to add them to the soffritto.
The water of the tomatoes is just withdrawn, to add the wine. Evaporated, to pour the fish to fillets and to salt.
To sizzle the fish, avoiding the boiled effect and, when it becomes white to crush him/it with a fork.
Apart, in a pot, to heat abundant water. When it boils to salt her/it and to throw the pasta. To burn for 2 minutes and, as soon as he folds up, still to the tooth, to get away from the fire and to drain her/it. To pour her/it in the frying pan together with the fish. To bring cooking to end, adding as, once that the liquid reduces him the water used in precedence to burn the pasta (or, in alternative the comic strip of fish put apart). You proceeds as for the realization of the risotto.
Just pasta is ready and to the tooth, to serve with a dusting of minced fresh parsley.

Buon Appetito!


Jennie said...

I love the sound of this dish! So fresh and wonderful! I am bookmarking it now!!

marchinifabiana said...

Thanks Jennie for like my dish!Also I like fresh and light dish!Let me now how with was!Sorry about my English!
Ciao Fabiana