Friday, November 27, 2009

Cardoons Flan "Sformato di Cardoni"

Ingredients :

1 very white cardoon
half a litre of milk
50gr of flour
50gr of parmesan cheese
50gr of butter
2 eggs
2 Pinch of nutmeg

Cooking time : 1 hour

To start,cook the cardoon in a large pot of salted water, for three quarter of cooking time.
Then cut it into small pieces and flavour it with some butter and milk,and finish the cooking.

Sieve it,and collect the cream in a terrine. Meanwhile,prepare a bechamel sauce with the flour,the remaining butter and milk then add it to the cream and mix with the beaten eggs,the grated parmesan cheese and the nutmeg. fix with salt and pepper and mix well all together.

Butter a smooth mould with the hole in the middle,then sprinkle with bread crumbs,then pour in the mix and let it cook in the oven at 360f  for about 40 minutes.


Lenore said...

a misunderstood vegetable in most American kitchens. I enjoy its celery / rhubarb texture and savory yet sweet way it plays with flavor. I do love it with eggs, soft scramble. Thanks for reminding me.

Aurelio Barattini said...

Enjoy :-)