Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My wedding day in Rome - July 10, 2010 -

Finally i'm married with Fabiana in the beautiful church of Santa Francesca Romana and the dinner held in magnificent cloister of the monastery of St. Bonifacio e Alessio on 'Aventino in Rome.Fabiana has organized everything to perfection with style and elegance. Looking for a perfect wedding in Rome? Fabiana is the right person. Look the site 


Open bar  Pre-dinner Cocktails:

  • Prosecco di Valdobbiadene - Bellini
  • Non-alcoholic fruit cocktails
  • Soda Gin - Martini - Campari - Tonic - Soda
  • Assorted juices
  • Pyramids of glass compositions raised fruit
  • Fruit cocktail drinks at maracuja
  • Fresh tropical fruit cocktails and seasonal run on demand
  • Crash campari con margot di fragola e pesca Campari mix with pineapple mousse on top - Crash campari with Margot strawberry and peach


  • Finger food served to arm
  • Trays of oysters
  • Cloves goat cheese salad with peak hip and salad
  • Tuna tartare, apple jelly and salmon roe (bowls)
  • Kataifi shrimp paste with curry sauce served in martini glassesBrochette of chicken with herbs and lime served in bamboo boats'
  • Roulade of grilled eggplant purple flower with cheese and basil
  • Salmon and rocket rolls
  • Corner of fried vegetable
  • Stuffed zucchini flowers
  • Sage, basil and mint in batter
  • Mozzarella in a carriage, assorted croquettes
  • Milanesine eggplant, sundried tomatoes
  • Panzerottini with tomato and mozzarella with ricotta and sage

Buffet Cottage:

  • Ham cut with Figs and melon pearls
  • Wild boar sausages - salami toscano  - cacciatorino
  • Spianata romana - Mortadelline di Campotosto - Coppa aromatizzata
  • Sirloin of  Chianina
  • Turkey-flavored honey


  • Burrata d'Andria Braids and ovoli giant buffalo - buffalo Cherry - butter Andria
  • Raschera and bra with pear chutney
  • Gorgonzola with lavender honey
  • Castlemagno with grapes
  • Pecorino di Pienza and pit with honey and lime
  • Fresh buffalo ricotta cheese - baked ricotta
  • Boules with slices of pears and tomatoes
Variety pinzimoni:

Celery, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, fennel, chioggia, avocado,indivia belga turnips, white turnips, radishes, cherry tomatoes, endive
sauces: guacamole, gorgonzola cheese, with mustard vinaigrette
flavored with white truffle oil, mascarpone and balsamic vinegar

Bread basket of special muffins with olives and rosemary
Variety of Bread - Bread with raisins, sesame, walnut
Small buttons croissants and milk.
Pizza Roman and Genoese

Buffet Siciliano Sicilian Buffet

  • Cous cous Trapani Style
  • Sarde a beccafico
  • Swordfish rolls to Messina
  • Eggplant ratatouille
  • Chicken kebabs with orange and fennel
  • Cherry tomatoes with tuna roe and bread crumbs
  • Primu salts to fresh chopped chilliPecorino Ragusa

Meals served to table:

  • Sea bass ravioli with a sauce of clams and scallop
  • Pici with wilted tomatoes, chopped basil, buffalo, pine nuts and fresh oregano
  • Sea bass baked with green olives and tarragon
  • Pudding Potato and Eggplant
  • Bundles of beans

Buffet of sweets:

  • Plates of sliced fruit
  • Mousse peaches with peach sauce
  • Bavarian passion fruit
  • Iced coffee with cream
  • Pistachio ice cream with blueberry sauceBaba with caramel sabayon
  • Val de Loire Raspberry
  • Mint parfait with chocolate sauce
  • Small skillet with steamed cream and rosewater strawberries
  • Lace cups with small truffles and S. Marzano
  • Glasses with dark chocolate mousse
  • Wedding cake  stuffed with cream and hazelnut cream

  • Bottega Vinai Pinot Nero
  • Bottega Vinai Pinot Grigio Rulander
  • Bottega Vinai Muller Thurgau
  • San Vigilio Dolce
  • Tardij di Verduzzo Vendemmia Tardiva

Open bar  after-dinner Cocktails

CaipiriƱa - Caipiroska - Mojito
Corner Coffee espressso
Friandises  fruit jelly


Amie said...

Congratulations Aurelio! I'm so happy for you.

Allie and Pattie said...

Molti Auguri to both of you! A gorgeous setting for a gorgeous wedding
xoxo Patrizia

Allie and Pattie said...

Molti Auguri to both of you! A gorgeous setting for a gorgeous wedding
xoxo Patrizia

Charlotte said...


Anna Johnston said...

Congratulations Aurelio, I haven't visited your blog for sometime, I do believe the last time you were preparing 'kid'.
Beautiful wedding pictures - and some great recipes and posts, I've been lingering here reading and catching up for sometime.
Many thanks
Chef Anna

Food and Fate said...

Auguri Aurelia to you and your lovely bride! I will be in touch - there's a good chance that I will be in Lucca sometime in October.

Un abbraccio,

Pegasuslegend said...

Congratulations Aurelio! Two of the most beautiful people, you make a gorgeous couple, wishing you many many years of health and happiness!