Monday, January 18, 2010

A Unexpected Retrieval

Last week,before leaving to Oslo,while i was reordering the library and i found this old letter.

When i opened it i found out that it has been sent from Joanne Weir who,in the 1995,visited  my Restaurant and spent a day in the kitchen with my grandmother.
Joanne today has become a famous cook and an important character of the united states culinary world,she often appears in TV shows and writes many articles and books about cooking.
The funny thing is,by doing cooking classes myself in California,i've often hear about her,but i've never known about this sort of "link" we had in the past.

I really hope to meet Joanne soon,to be able to spend a day with her and who knows....maybe organize some cooking event togheter....!

Thank you for everything Joanne,


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