Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Among the traditional Tuscan dishes that we prepare, Befanini is one that stands out from the rest due to the story it represents. In Italy, the Epiphany, also known as the Feast of the Three Kings, is celebrated on January 6th. Italian legend says that during the journey of the Three Kings to find Baby Jesus, they encountered an old woman named Befana. Although Befana did not join the Three Kings, she departed later with baked goods and her broom in search of the Baby Jesus. In her quest to find the Baby Jesus, Befana visits the homes of all children on the eve of January 6th to leave treats and gifts. Many families here still prepares Befanini to celebrate the Epiphany.


1 kg. All Purpose Flour
450 gr. Sugar
1 Vanilla Essence
30 gr. Olive Oil
5 Eggs
100 gr. Rhum
1 Tea Spoon of Baking Powder
210 gr. Soft Butter

Half a skin of a Lemon
Half a skin of a Orange

Mix the eggs with the sugar and whisk well,once it's well amalgamated,add the softened butter and the olive oil,then all the other ingredients.

Knead well and make a dough high about 3mm,then using the proper molds or instead with a glass,cut them into various shapes.
Using an egg,paint them on the top and then put on each of them some coloured sugar.

Cook at 180° for about 15 minutes.

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reddhouse said...

My family was from Lucca. I will make these cookies. Thank you for showing them to me.