Thursday, September 16, 2010

Project Food Blog Post #1 "Reasons behind my choice to start a Food Blog"

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming for my Challenge One submission to the Project Food Blog competition. The find the next food blog star!
You already know my story,but here's the reasons that maked me decide to partecipate at this contest :
Apart from the food passion,i've also been a huge follower of internet since the early 90's.
After spending some years surfing on the net,i've decided to become an "active" user,so i started writing about my job and my passion,which is the same thing : Tuscan Cooking.
While i was travelling around the world,i've started to notice something which was often done abroad :
Recipes that are modified and adapted to the taste of the country they're prepared in.
In my opinion that's not the right thing to do,as the original taste and ingredients would be modified,making it just another recipe,which is not the original thing anymore, example : a simple plate of "Fettuccine al Pomodoro" re-invented and adapted to a french nouvelle cousine making it more rich and colorful at the eye,ignoring that the secret behind the original Italian recipe was not that,but the simplicity and the quality of the ingredients like tomatoes,home made pasta and freshly harvested olive oil,so if i would want to give something more to this plate i would instead,for example,add fresh home-made pasta prepared with eggs from the farmer.....that would really makes the difference !
To make it short....yes im here to win,like everyone else,but my first objective is to "broadcast" my message to every family,to teach them how to make a real Italian dish,so that for a Sunday Meal they could really let their families taste the true taste of Italian Cooking,in my case,the Tuscan Cooking !

If,after reading all of this,you still think i deserve your vote...:-)
Voting Open: 6AM Pacific Time September 20th through 6PM Pacific Time September 23rd


JayP said...

Completely agree. We're Brits living in Turkey and are beginning to realise the need to keep blogging about traditional Turkish recipes as they have been adapted so much in various countries.
Good luck in project food blog by the way. We've just voted for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! Well written. I voted for you! =)

Good luck!

Check out my PFB post:

Karen Jenkins said...

Alright, somehow you've convinced me to vote for you. I'm sure you have some wonderful family stories to tell and recipes to share.

Aurelio Barattini said...

@JayP @jacobskitchen @Karen Jenkins
Thank you so much!!!

Shelly Borrell said...

Nice story and post!!! I voted for you for that reason and because you're cute -- Not a good reason I know, hahaha. Good luck in the competition!

Nibbles of Tidbits

Claudia said...

Interesting post. I do agree that one should keep the integrity of a recipe. But I do know that when Grandma Gresio came to the USA lo those many years ago - she certainly adapted her "recipes" (really, she had none - she just cooked) but she had to adapt to American ingredients. There was no choice. Love the blog. On to voting.

Jean said...

So glad to have found your blog through PFB. I feel the same way about all cooking but mainly Italian dishes. Even though I'm not Italian myself, I have a huge love for your cuisine. I try to stay true to the heart of each dish I prepare but now I'll be following your blog for even more inspiration. You got my vote, too!

jane deere said...

You have my vote...and following! Great blog! Check out mine:

janelle said...

Just voted for you! I adore Tuscany food---just returned to Seattle after living in Florence for a year. Cannot wait to go back!

Alan Chow said...

hi Aurelio,
just voted for you, 399votes left.
You will win the competition!

great blogging!
* Alan *

Aurelio Barattini said...

@all Thank you so much for vote me!