Sunday, April 18, 2010

The best bread in Tuscany

I've made this video in the "Fratelli Paganelli's" holdest wood-fired oven and today they are still using
the same techniques of their ancestors,they are carrying on this bakery for now three generations. Their oven is next to our restaurants and every morning you can feel the aroma of the fresh-cooked bread.
I believe that a good bread is the very first step to experience a great dinner.
Enjoy the video , i'm sorry to not be able to let you smell the fantastic aroma


Helen W said...

Thanks for posting! I am making bread as we speak (keep your fingers crossed that it rises in the oven like its supposed to). My oven is somewhat different from the one in the video, but I will try not to be discouraged.

Bonnie said...

Aurelio - can you make a video to show us how to make biscotti?

Food and Fate said...

Aurelio - I can taste it! Thank you for sharing. maria !